Seniors beat Ipswich at home

Steve Frost & Mike Pulford played a blinder with a record win in their game of 8 + 6 – well done Club Captain.

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Monday 14 August 2017
Seniors Match v IPSWICH - HOME
Tee off 9.00AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Mike Pineo19Maurice Barnes15Lost 3 & 2
Gary Nicholas18John Skinner13
Bob Hockin27Richard Watson12Won 3 & 2
Graham Popple11John Hines15
Brian Kemp11Derek Rush6Won 2 & 1
Brian Hunwicke23Paul Garden20
Mike Pulford25David Pearman13Won 8 & 6
Steve Frost17Brian Boyton16
Charles Copping25John Edwards14Won 7 & 6
Dennis Preston15Peter Skinner21
Dave Brinkley22Peter Rose7Won 3 & 1
Jeff Deslandes19Kevin Ward15
Allan Dawson20David Cordle8Lost 1 down
Ron Calthorpe18Phil Thorndyke16
Richard Moore27Mike Bradford13Won 3 & 2
Tony Belenkin19Peter Thubron20
Match Won by - Felixstowe 6 to 2

Felixstowe Seniors beat Colchester 7 1/2 to 1/2 at home

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Friday 16 June 2017
Seniors Match v COLCHESTER - HOME
Tee off 9.30AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Mike Pulford25Paul Lock22Won 1 up
Godfrey Batson28David Cairns13
Mike Cassidy28Graham Caughey20Won 5 & 4
Martin Allen6Barry Haley13
Ken Walker18John Champ22Won 4 & 2
Graham Reid11David Kemble18
Dave Brinkley22Les Daughtrey16Halved
Bryan Haworth12Michael Jones23
Allan Dawson20Ron Darby13Won 4 & 3
Barry Jones12John Cross27
Bob Hockin27Michael O'Sullivan15Won 3 & 2
Steve Smith14Michael Pedder21
Ian Bloom20Kevin Prince13Won 2 & 1
Jeff Deslandes19Stuart Thackrah20
Charles Copping24Michael Hart18Won 3 & 2
Brian Hunwicke23Michael Horley14
Match Won by - Felixstowe 7.5 to 0.5

Seniors beat Stowmarket Away

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Tuesday 13 June 2017
Seniors Match v STOWMARKET - AWAY
Tee off 9.15AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Ian Bloom20David Hughes20Lost 5 & 4
Steve Smith14Jim Deasy19
Mike Tilley25Roy Rogers15Won 1 up
Trevor Mason13Mike Heywood20
Godfrey Batson28Raymond Sheridon13Halved
Bryan Haworth12Ian Wilkinson19
Rai Schlindwein16Ian Hay18Halved
Mike Cassidy28David Wilding23
Dave Brinkley22Mick Cobbold11Won 7 & 6
Allan N. Wells16David Fletcher23
Ken Walker18Paul Kent20Halved
Bob Hockin27John Rowlad23
Jeff Deslandes19Ian Richard21Won 1 up
Jim Smith27Bernard Nobes28
Alan Gillespie28Alan Crouch15Won 3 & 2
Steve Frost18Richard Dewar19
Match Won by - Felixstowe 5 1/2 to 2 1/2

Seniors Match v Bury St Edmunds – Away – 5 May 2017

Felixstowe captain Steve Frost pointed out that it was early days in regard to Felixstowe’s poor run of form in recent seniors’ matches. He said that the new signings from Waldringfield Golf Club have blended in well and he assured the gathering press that Felixstowe would soon be back to winning ways any time soon.

The club issued a statement saying that Steve’s position was absolutely safe and they have full confidence in his ability to turn things around.  A vote of confidence indeed!

But…. Was the latest, if not unexpected, defeat away to Bury another nail in the coffin, only time will tell.

Steve put on a brave face in the light of yet another 6 ½ to 1 ½ defeat explaining that the team felt as if they were on a set of “Lord of the Rings “, with the “Ents”  deliberately stepping in the way of many of the Felixstowe players shots.

The Bury golf course was in prime condition and enjoyed by the hosts and visitors alike which was played in excellent spirit.

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Friday 05 May 2017
Seniors Match v BURY ST EDMUNDS - AWAY
Tee off 9.00AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Steve Frost18Peter Morrisey20Lost 5 & 4
Bob Hockin27David Aprile21
Ken Walker18David Hadfield28Lost 1 down
Dennis Williams10Bev Carey23
Roger Smith16Ray Webber15Lost 3 & 2
Graham Reid11Steve Flint19
Ian Bloom20David Peake21Lost 1 down
Steve Ellwood10Derek Charlwood22
Charlie Snelgrove22Craig Young26Lost 2 down
Bryan Haworth12Kevin Froud14
Roger Wood18John Reed19Won 4 & 2
Steve Smith13Graham Judge21
Andy Miller15Tim Cavell21Halved
Mike Pulford25Vince Coomber14
Jeff Deslandes19Norman Salmon8Lost 4 & 3
Tony Belenkin19Mel Allen
Match Won by - Bury St Edmunds - 6.5 to 1.5

Seniors Match v Clacton – Home – 2 May 2017

On a blustery morning Felixstowe were on the wrong side of a narrow defeat at home to Clacton.

Thinking that the windy conditions would be in our favour it was pointed out that Clacton is also on the coast thus nullifying our advantage.

Bryan and Mike led a valiant charge thanks to some sustenance at the half way stage, notably some sloe gin supplied by the Clacton Captain.

Barry Jones return of form, along with Mike Pulford, helped to sustain the pressure on Clacton, but alas the rest of the Felixstowe team could not keep up the momentum in this close encounter.

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Tuesday 02 May 2017
Seniors Match v CLACTON - HOME
Tee off 9.00AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Bryan Haworth12John Kemp17Won 3 & 2
Mike Cassidy27Keith Stetzel17
Dave Pepper14Malcolm Pitcher9Lost 5 &3
Dave Brinkley22Malcolm Taylor14
David Kirk9Tony Burnside11Halved
Dave Bunn16Joe Middleton18
Mike Pulford25Robin Routh14Won 4 & 3
Barry Jones12John Wacker19
Richard Moore27Laurie Farrugia15Halved
Steve Wright17Bill Clarke23
Gary Nicholas17Bill Highstead17Lost 3 & 2
Steve Ellwood10Mick Curwood27
Tony Belenkin18Derek Woodrow17Lost 5 & 4
Allan Dawson20John Fisher22
Peter Cooke20Nigel Martin15Lost 2 & 1
Ron Calthorpe18John Hiller18
Match Won by - Clacton 5 to 3