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  • Seniors beat Ufford Park at home

    Well done to Graham Reid for winning nearest the pin.

    Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
    Wednesday 11 April 2018
    Seniors Match v UFFORD - HOME
    Tee off 9.00AM
    handicaphandicapMatch Score
    Allan N. Wells14John Pope17Won 5 & 3
    Charlie Snelgrove22Bruce Waltham13
    Martin Allen7Bob Banthorpe13Won 1 up
    Mike Pineo19Peter Tinsley24
    Graham Phelps19Steve Bonner19Halved
    Charles Copping23Brian Clarke21
    Brian Kemp12Keith Norton12Lost 2 & 1
    Trevor Brundle25Ray Kay26
    Dave Bunn18Paul Samain17Won 2 & 1
    Richard Moore27Roy Lambert 24
    Gary Nicholas18David Norris20Won 3 & 1
    Bob Hockin28Mich Morley25
    Steve Frost16Jim Brinsley18Won 6 & 4
    Graham Reid12Richard Hayers23
    Barry Jones16Roy Barnes16Won 2 & 1
    Steve Ellwood10Dan Lever23
    Match Won by - Felixstowe 6 1/2 to 1 1/2
  • March Photography Competition Winner & April Competition

    Congratulations to Mark Herron with his photo that summed up the month’s weather at Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club.


  • Seniors first win against Hintlesham at home

    Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
    Wednesday 28 March 2018
    Seniors Match v HINTLESHAM - HOME
    Tee off 9.00AM
    handicapshotshandicapshotsMatch ScoreTee Time
    Brian Hunwicke2413Nigel Moore111Won 2 & 101/01/1970
    Steve Ellwood100Don Waters209
    David Kirk100Steve Ball 2211Lost 1 down01/01/1970:
    Godfrey Batson2816Mike Hilderbrandt2715
    Bob Hocking2815Malcolm Paris208Won 2 & 101/01/1970
    Paul Marsh110David Cross208
    Jim Smith2714Steve Rook120won 4 & 201/01/1970
    Barry Jones164TerryRumens185
    Mike Cassidy2410Dave Logan130Won 5 & 401/01/1970
    Steve Wright174Keith Searsby185
    Barry Claydon226Alax Bugg150Lost 4 & 301/01/1970
    Richard Plummer182Geoff Miller194
    Allan Dawson215Michael Drane160Won 3 & 210
    Mike Pineo193Bill Paddon182
    Charlie Copping237Stewart Patterson150Won 8 & 601/01/1970
    Tony Belenkin205Roger Grayling194
    Match won by :-Felixstowe 6 & 2
    Nearest the Pin winner :- Mike Cassidy FFGC
  • Seniors lose to Ufford Park Away

    Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
    Tuesday 13 March 2018
    Seniors Match v UFFORD - AWAY
    Tee off 8.30AM
    handicaphandicapMatch Score
    Allan N. Wells14John Pope18Won 1 up
    Charlie Snelgrove22Jim Brinsley18
    Martin Allen7David Norris20Lost 6 & 5
    Richard Moore27Brian Clarke21
    Brian Kemp12Keith Norton12Lost 2 up
    Trevor Brundle25Roy Lambert24
    Graham Reid12Bruce Waltham13Lost 3 & 2
    Brian Hunwicke24Steve Bonner18
    Steve Elwood10Gary Jackson27Lost 3 & 2
    Jeff Deslandes20Richard Hayes23
    Chris Pearson16Paul Samain17Lost 3 & 2
    Graham Phelps 19Peter Tinsley24
    Steve Frost16Colin Aldous13Won 4 & 3
    Ian Bloom18Dan Lever23
    Dave Bunn17Colin Fulton18Lost 3 & 2
    Gary Nicholas18Mick Morley24
    Match Won by - Ufford Park 6 - 2
  • Club Captain hits the ground running!!!

    Congratulations to Graham Popple who has set the record for a round of golf at Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club.  As part of his celebration of his birthday, Graham raced around the Martello course in 66 mins & 27 seconds with a score of 88.  He was aided by caddie Charlie Snelgrove who also ran the course, Course Marshal Chris Pearson, and James Douglas-Hamilton acting as time keeper.  Graham has really set the example for rapid play and ready golf – well done Graham.  The event has raised over £100 for the Captain’s Charity.

    Club Captain, Graham Popple, preparing for his rapid round.


    Faithful caddie, Charlie Snelgrove – dressed for the part!!!