Seniors Match v Ufford Park – Home – 12 April 2017

Felixstowe Seniors v Ufford Park Seniors- Match Report by Tony Belenkin

With captain of the day Barry Jones battle cry ringing in our ears the Felixstowe Seniors team stepped on the 1st tee with relish.

After our narrow loss away to Ufford Park earlier in the season the talk was of revenge, the weather and the upcoming lunch of fish and chips.

Sadly Barry’s words fell on deaf ears as Felixstowe were trounced 6 ½ to 1 ½, a rare home defeat especially of such magnitude. Only Gary Nicholas and Alan Gillespies resounding victory saved the rout along with a Peter Cooke and Tony Belenkin half which they conspired to try and lose after being 2 up with two to play.

Overall a great day was had by all, and the result….does it really matter!!!

All of those who failed to win report at 8am promptly first thing tomorrow morning on the practice ground for extra training.

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Wednesday 12 April 2016
Seniors Match v UFFORD - HOME
Tee off 9.00AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Barry Jones12Richard Harper21L2&1
Mike Cassidy27Steve Neade12
Graham Reid11Keith Norton12L2&1
Mike Pineo18Richard Gillman23
Dave Pepper14David Norris19W2&1
Gary Nicholas17Ian Cox21
Charles Copping24Richard Hayes24L6&5
Mike Pulford25Paul Samain15
Peter Cooke20Bruce Waltham12Halved
Tony Belenkin18Derek Wright19
Brian Hunwicke23John Pope17L5&4
Steve Ellwood10Jim Brinsley18
Allan Dawson20Dave Ellis15L3&1
Graham Phelps 23Colin Aldous13
Bob Hockin27Alan McMillan10L4&3
Richard Moore27Colin Fulton21
Ufford won 6&1/2 to 1&1/2