The courses

April and May were extremely dry but the recent rainfall is very welcome and the courses are responding positively.

During the dry spell we irrigated some of the Martello fairways and we will revert to this if necessary during the Summer months.

We are pleased with the condition of the greens and hope that they will improve further with the introduction of some new equipment – more of this later.

Water Supply

Our neighbours Adams Farm have an extraction license for the water on their land which lies in the ditches. We are in discussion with them in order to access some of this water for use on the courses. It is early days and the earliest date we could take advantage of this would be April 2018. We are in the process of having the quality of the water tested for its suitability.

In addition the business water sector has been deregulated and we can switch suppliers if we choose to. We are currently evaluating other options.

Preferred Lies

We are not able to have preferred lies in Qualifying Competitions. However you may choose to use preferred lies in friendly golf, roll ups etc if that’s what you wish to do.

Ground Under Repair

We have decided to introduce a local rule which makes it mandatory to take relief from areas of Ground Under Repair (GUR) which are denoted by white lines and appropriate signage

Ropes and Hoops

As a general rule we try to minimise the use of ropes and hoops on the courses as they generally detract from the aesthetics. Therefore please be assured that they are there for a reason and I would ask that members respect them and do not lift trolleys over the ropes but follow the direction signs for trolleys which I would reiterate are there for a reason.


I have mentioned this many times before. Please do not leave bunker rakes where they will stop the ball running into the middle of the bunker. As a suggestion place the rake with the handle protruding from the bunker but NOT in line with the direction of play . Please also carefully rake the bunker so that following golfers are not penalised with a poor lie.

Divots and pitch marks

Please use the divot scheme and also repair your pitch marks on the greens. Anything that will help us improve the putting surfaces is most welcome.

New Equipment.

We have recently purchased a new(ex-demonstration) pedestrian mower which takes our number up to 4. This means we can hand cut the greens in teams of 2 which makes the process more efficient. We plan to cut by hand on a more regular basis ( conditions permitting ) and together with vibe rolling and machine cutting, we expect the greens to maintain their quality.

In addition we have ordered a Turf Iron. This machine is mainly used on the greens but can also be used in other areas e.g. areas of new turf. In essence the Turf Iron makes the surface smoother and used on the greens will make them quicker – by approximately 10%.  The greatest advantage of this machine is that it makes the greens quicker without resorting to reducing the cut height which inevitably puts the grass under unnecessary stress.

Once again my thanks go to Glenn and his team for their hard work in the recent months in very challenging conditions. The new paths on the Martello and the new bunkers on the 14th hole are fantastic and have brought a new sense of pride to the whole club.

Happy Golfing !

Best regards


Chairman of Course Committee