How to use this site.

These notes are intended for those who are maintaining information on the Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club WordPress site.


This website is built using the WordPress CMS and a customised theme (Site Origin’s Vantage). It also makes use of a variety of WordPress plug-ins from various authors to provide additional functions for the site. Administrators should familarise themselves with WordPress before making changes to this site.

Site apperance and navigation

In WordPress appearance is controlled by the chosen theme; so the look and feel of a site may be altered independantly of the content. The Vantage theme is a fully responsive theme to ensure that the site works well for mobile device users as well as on a full size screen.

Menu structure. From the wp-admin page the Appearance tab gives access to the site menu. Various objects and content types may be added to the menu to provide site navigation.

Custom CSS. A limited amount of custom CSS has been used in order to tune the look and feel of the site.

Changes to the site apperance who should only be undertaken with caution by someone with experience.


For news items which will have a limited life it is best to make use of posts when adding new items. Posts can be created using the add new menu item in the admin tool bar. All posts should be assigned to one or more categories in order to make surte the post appears in the correct part of the site. Categories can be maintained using the categories item on the post menu.

A custom post type (FFGC) has been provided for creating  match reports. This may be enhanced further as time permits.


For items of a more enduring nature it is best to use pages. When a new page is added it will need to be explicitly added into the site menu structure to become available to users. Pages are not categorized.


Events are posts which are intended  to detail the annual cycle of events at the club. and have been implemented using the tribe-events plug-in. Events contain additional information regarding dates and times and so may be reused for the next year once the event has passed. So for example an event to do with a club competion might include information regarding the history of the competition, its format, tees in use etc as well as the date and time of tee reservations (which can be re-edited for the next cycle of the event calendar). Events should not be duplicated.

A number of categories have been created for events so that they can be displayed in cutomised events calandars (e.g seniors events. ladies events, social events etc). Events may belong to more that one category so for example a mens monthly medal would be tagged as a club event and a men’s event.


WordPress provides a media library for managing all pictures, pdfs etc that are used within the site. It is good practice to upload to the library any media asset that is intended for use within a post or page. Inclusion of links to pictures on other sites should be avoided wherever possible. All media assets should be categorised to assist maintenance of the media library in the longer term.


A simple calendar plugin has been provided to enable a view of the tee reservation calendar which is maintained by the office and the pro-shop. This plugin allows information from a Google calendar to be rendered as a page within the site. It should not be necessary to make any changes to calendars.

Note it is important to distinguish between the events and the calendar. A competition is an event; any tee reservation associated with that event will be a calendar item.

SIte backup

The All-in-one WP Migration plugin is being used for site backup.  This tool backups up all site files, media files, configureations and the site database. Currently backups are being done to a file (held on the server) which can then be manually downloaded to other storage for safe keeping. At present 3 versions are kept on file.

Other features

The WordPress Jetpack plugin is being used to track site performance and visitor behaviour. This is also linked to a account which can provide more detailled information.

The WordPress plug-in for Android has been used successfully to update pages remotely. Probable uses are for posting match results (hot of the press from the course) and also to enable the head greenkeeper to easily update the course condition page using only his smartphone.