Seniors beat Stoke by Nayland at home

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club
Friday 1st September 2017
Seniors Match v STOKE BY NAYLAND - Home
Tee off 9:00 AM -all from1st tee
(Shots)(shots)Match Score
Brian Hunwicke23(11)Norman Davidson17 (5)Won 1 up
Graham Reid11 (- )Dave Austin12 (1)
Brian Kemp11 (-)Paul Sandfield13 (2)Lost 1 down
James Young19 (7)Steve Ling20 (8)
Steve Smith14 (-)Brian Castle19 (5)Halved
Steve Frost18(4)Gordon Bryan22 (7)
KenWalker18 (4)John Simpson20 (5)Won 7 & 6
Allan N Wells 14 (-)Tony Smith23 (8)
Charles Copping25(12)Tony Reeves22 (9)Won 4 & 3
Bryan Haworth12 (-)David Hunter24(11)
Graham Phelps18 (5)Martin Brown13 (-)Won 2 & 1
Denis Preston15 (2)John Wheatley26(12)
Barry Jones15 (-)Peter Jay 15 (-)Lost 5 & 3
Mike Tilley25 (9)Alan Hands26(11)
Bob Hockin27 (9)Lionel Hatch17 (-)Lost 3 & 2
Godfrey Batson28(10)Ian Bickers24 (6)
Felixstowe won the match by 4.5 to 3.5.

The nearest the pin on the 12th prize of a bottle of Prosecco was won by Steve Smith.