Seniors Match v Ufford – Away

After a gallant effort by the seniors team, unfortunately we lost 4.5 to 3.5 away to Ufford Park.  Overall at a course like Ufford Park this is a respectable result – although one pair had a record start of going down 7 holes after the first 7 holes, they did manage to recover in the second half of the round!

Jeff Deslandes

Results Sheet

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club     
Tuesday 14 March 2016
Seniors Match v UFFORD - AWAY
Tee off 8.30AM
handicaphandicapMatch Score
Barry Jones12Richard Harper22Lost 5 & 4
Mike Cassidy27Keith Norton12
Graham Reid11Steve Neave12Halved
Jeff Deslandes19Steve Bonner20
Gary Nicholas17Barrry Heaney23Won 2 & 1
Dave Pepper14Paul Samain15
Mike Pulford25David Norris19Lost 3 & 2
Charles Copping24Bruce Waltham12
Tony Belenkin18Tim Moon18Haved
Peter Cooke20Jim Brinsley18
Gary Howard15Ian Cox21Won 2 & 1
Chris Veitch7John Pope17
Charlie Snelgrove22Brian Clarke19Lost 6 & 5
Allan Dawson20Dan Lever22
Richard Moore26Steve Shand16Halved
Bob Hockin26Derek Wright19
Match Won by - Ufford 4.5 to 3.5