Society Terms and Conditions


Handicaps:  It is expected that all members of the Society should play to a reasonable standard and ideally have a current handicap certificate with them.
Tees: Gentlemen: Yellow Boxes. Ladies: Red Boxes.
Golf Buggies: Buggies are available and can be booked directly with our Pro Shop.

At Felixstowe Ferry we pride ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming club to visitors. It is most important that all golfers using our course strictly follow the etiquette of golf with regards to both the course and consideration to other players. Failure to comply with the etiquette of the game will result in no futher bookings being accepted from the society concerned.

In particular please ensure that play is brisk and a round does not take longer than four hours. Ensure that the player with the honour drives off immediately he is able to and marks the score after. Players playing poorly or scoring high scores on a hole must pick up their ball if they are causing delay and proceed to the next hole.

The Society may not run any forms of Competition or give prizes that contravene any rules laid down by the ENGLISH GOLF UNION.


Golfers must be dressed in customary golf wear or similar appropriate smart casual clothing. Golf shoes must always be worn when playing the Martello course. Trainers or other flat shoes may be worn on the Kingsfleet course and the practice areas, but golfers must be aware of and accept the risk of slipping and/or loss of footing. Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club Ltd. will accept no responsibility for accident or injury caused, or contributed to, by the lack of proper golfing footwear.
The Company Secretary, Course Ranger or any elected member of the Captain’s Committee may require any person considered to be inappropriately dressed either to change or to leave the course or practice area.


Members, guests and visitors may wear smart, casual clothing in all areas of the clubhouse. Golf shoes and hats of any kind may not be worn in the main lounge and restaurant areas, except for hats worn by ladies attending a formal function such as a wedding reception. The Committee may require that formal dress must be worn on specific occasions, such as prize giving ceremonies, formal dinners and match meals. The Company Secretary, House Manager or any elected member of the Captain’s Committee may require any person considered to be inappropriately dressed either to change or to leave the clubhouse.


Mobile Telephones may not be used either on the course or in the lounge, bar, conservatory, casual bar or restaurant area at any time. They may be used in the changing rooms, the hallway or outside the Club House, providing it does not cause a nuisance to other members. Members and visitors are asked to ensure that their mobile telephones are switched off or on ‘silent mode’ on entering the Club House.
Mobile Telephones may be taken out onto the Golf Course, but they must be switched off or on ‘silent mode’ and may only be used for medical emergencies. The use of Mobile Telephones applies equally to talking and/or texting.