Inter-club Veteran’s Trophy 2016

Inter-club Veteran’s Trophy 2016

The inter-club veteran’s trophy, for players aged 60+, has been held annually since 1985 and are normally played on the same day in September each year.  Last year’s competition was held at Felixstowe Ferry GC on Tuesday 19th July 2016 and arranged by  Graham Popple. Teams of nine players from 11 clubs in Essex and Suffolk compete for individual and team prizes with the team score form from the best 8 from 9 individual stableford scores.  The Felixstowe team included the top three eligible players from the Bishop’s Chalice competition. Teams taking part: Clacton GC, Colchester GC, Felixstowe Ferry GC, Frinton GC, Gosfield Lakes GC, Ipswich GC, Rushmere GC, Stoke -by -Nayland GC, Stowmarket GC, Waldringfield GC, Channels GC

Felixstowe Ferry Team 2016

Graham Popple, Ensio Devido, Gary Nicholas, John Mayhew, James Douglas-Hamilton, Dick Seaman, Dave Sayers, Bryan Haworth and David Kirk.

Team Result

Posn Team Score
1st Ipswich 251
2nd Channels 245
3rd Stoke by Nayland 242
4th Colchester 239
5th Felixstowe 238
6th Stowmarket 238
7th Rushmere 234
8th Gosfield 234
9th Frinton 227
10th Clacton 225
11th Waldringfield 209

Individual Result

Posn Individual Club Score
1st Mike Steen Channels 40
2nd David Crisp Gosfield 36
3rd David Bryett Ipswich 35
4th George Shelmerdine Colchester 35
5th Paul Presland Stowmarket 35
6th John Mayhew Felixstowe 35