Website notes

  • Competition entry via the website?  
    • Individual and via 3rd party (Pro shop) – yes
  • Results on HowdidIDo presented through website – similar to Leatherhead – This seems to work resonably well. So my main question would be around how we could use this for FFGC and how can the hub page be customised to work better with our layout (i.e. Can we access the html/css for the hub?). And of course what does this cost.  
  • Sign on to CSI/HowDidIDo via website login – no dual sign on – The other main question as we have discussed before is about individual player login. Can we pass credentials from our WordPress site (e.g. OAuth or similar) so that members see their own data without the need for further login.
  • Is there an option for CSI host the club website – wordpress?
    • we need multiple access for information update
    • admin control to continue develop website
    • not an option – solution too templates and wouldn’t give us what we need

PSI – player score input

CSI Hub – £495 pa

  • mens, ladies handicap
  • membership list
  • contact mech – chat
  • forum available
  • epos statement with till system
  • auto access how did I do, competitions results – for 3rd party developer – CSI Hub, How did I do, BRS – therefore log in to how did I do and then log into website

Club V1 management £650 pa – 2017

  • includes how did i do
  • club house app – user app on smartphone

How do I pay

  • activation fee
  • requires a worldpay account
  • allows payment of fees
  • requires a competition account for comp paying – additional
  • additional till upgrade required for card update